Welcome to the

Shakespeare Reconciliation Garden

About the Gardens

Dedicated towards understanding and harmony, xwla ye toteló:met qas ye slilekwel, the garden is located in Stó:lō Temexw, the sacred lands of the Stó:lō Peoples. We are grateful to the Elders and knowledge-keepers who have preserved the land, the plants, and the stories.

As an act of reconciliation, the garden was designed by students, staff and faculty in Winter 2019 and 2020, and planted in June 2021 by volunteers. 

This space revives and reimagines the former UFV Shakespeare garden. It aims to honour Shakespeare and honour Indigenous knowledge by lifting up plants and stories, and to offer a peaceful, contemplative, learning space, a space to nibble on berries, learn from and care for plants, and start conversations.

 “We make reconciliation every day. We know how to recognize that something was wrong, stop, apologize, and make amends. We know how to care for our relationships” (Shirley Hardman).